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Hinc Illae Lacrimae RA

I was looking at a photo album full of pictures of my family from the last five years or so. On the last page there was an old picture of my brother and I one Halloween night. Me, dressed as a ballerina and him as a clown. We were sitting on a short, brick wall enjoying a corn dog after a fun night of Trick-or-Treating. I smiled and looked over at my mom’s bookshelf with about ten other photo albums full of pictures. I grabbed mine, the oldest album there with the spine partly torn and the pages falling out. My mom refuses to replace it claiming it has too much sentimental value. These albums have been here for years, yet I cannot remember the last time I picked this one up. I look at the cover, a beautiful violet sunset over the ocean, the corners frayed and fragile. I…

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Denim Piece

It’s been a while since I’ve been fiending to have a denim pencil skirt in this wash added to my closet. I took my sister back to school shopping and came across this really cute one at Forever XXI. I wanted to wear it with so many things that I decided to do a post on the 2 ways that I’ve worn it thus far. Here is the way I wore it to dinner the other night :)

So the crazy thing is that I’m wearing the skirt backwards. The zipper is suppose to be on the front but I liked this way for this look. I did wear it the right way the next time I wore the skirt.

  • Top, Skirt n Heels: Forever XXI
  • Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Here is the skirt the way it’s suppose to be worn with the zipper on the front.

  • Top: Urban Outfitters
  • Heels: Shiek
  • Clutch: Tory Burch
  • Necklace: H&M
  • Watch: Michael Kors

R Anguiano



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Who Needs Pants…

Gotta love Cali, but DAMN it’s hot. So who needs pants with this hot ass weather? JK JK. I’m wearing light satin shorts underneath :)

  • Super versatile Top/Dress/Jumper Blue Thing: ANGL
  • Clutch: ALDO
  • Necklace: Michael Kors

Wore this for lunch and a bit of shopping, nothing crazy, on a Sunday afternoon. I’m all about legs, legs, legs in the summer.

R Anguiano

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Corset and Curls

No rant today…just clothes, big hair and a summer time bag :)

  • Shorts: H&M
  • Corset: Bebe
  • Sandals: Cathy Jean
  • Purse: Tory Burch

I have sworn off straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons for a year! I thought I’d be suffering, but I am doing so much better without! My hair is breathing! If the products I’m using to repair the damage end up working, I’ll do a post about them soon.

The beach is the most peaceful place for me. Clearly I’ve been there a lot lately.

R Anguiano

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Thoughts and Prayers

It’s my blog and I can do what I want with it. That is the beauty of creating something that is all yours to do with whatever you please. If you have stumbled upon this page somehow solely to look at OOTDs and for some possible style inspiration then keep scrolling down to where the pictures begin. Otherwise you’ll have to succumb to my rambling about whatever the hell it is that has been bothering me lately.                                                             *I cuss a lot in the following. You’ve been warned.*

I have been doing an immense amount of thinking this last week about how fuckin crazy life is. Luckily, I have a great support system including friends and family and shit, even a therapist, that have been there enough to where I have no plans on doin anything crazy. Relax y’all.

My taunting question lately has simply been…WHAT AM I DOING?                                   The reason I’ve been asking myself this lately has much to do with feeling stuck. I have a job that I love, but stresses me the hell out. I have a family that goes through its ups and downs, but manages to be there whole-heartedly at the end of the day. My circle of friends, however small it is, has gotten smaller and grown more distant. My health and my parents’ has not been great. I have a few issues from the past that I’m trying to understand, cope with and learn how to get the fuck over. And that relationship status box that use to say “taken” on Facebook has in a whirlwind changed to “single.”
I think that the problem with me figuring out what I truly want in life, is that I have, for a very long time, allowed these things to define me and dictate my life. If I don’t have the perfect career, then what am I doing with my life? If I don’t dedicate enough time to my family, then I must be a bad daughter, sister. If I don’t have a lot of friends, I’m a loaner or “no fun.” And if I feel the least bit insecure about myself then I’m…lol, I’m insecure. I’m in no way saying that I’m alone in feeling this way, or that my problems are bigger than others. I am simply venting, because these are things that have been making me scream inside and the fact that I can put this down on paper (I journaled it first then after much debate with myself decided to share) has helped me feel a little better.

I have tried to understand that fact that people who I have met and shared parts of my life with have had a purpose. So many have taught me valuable lessons that I hope to use in future encounters. Some have brought out the best in me and therefore continue to be a part of my life. For those people I thank God since they have loved me back and continue to see my worth. And for the ones that I have lost, I prayed for you last night. I know that one day I’ll understand why things are better off this way for me, for them, for both of us.

As far as my past, I have learned that hate is destructive and only makes a person all the more bitter. I have made a conscious effort to forgive and move on. I must admit some things will always remain a scar and there are things that I can never get back, but I have to learn to accept that. Here’s where I am trying to honor the life within me and understand that life is a gift and must be respected.

I’m just trying to build a happier life for myself and see where I can do better all the while appreciating my accomplishments however small they may be. I just had my yearly evaluation at work and every bit of feedback I got was perfect, but still that wasn’t enough. So I guess I need to stop stressin so damn much.

I wonder if I have been good enough as a daughter, a sister. My 16-year-old sister Diana is contemplating right now if she wants Berkley, Stanford, San Francisco State or Santa Cruz…so I guess she’s had good influences.

It’s fuckin funny how this post started all angry and confused and now sounds more on the positive side and less “negative Nancy.” Shit, the power of venting…I’m telling you.

So since I’ve put all my business out there, and quite frankly I don’t give a fuck, now I can be held accountable by whoever reads this. I pledge to do more of what makes me happy and build stronger bonds with those who have met me, understood me and loved me regardless.

I had dinner and drinks with a long-lost friend last night and I was reminded to cherish all the good that there is in my life. I was reminded to stop focusing on the things I can no longer change and work on the type of life that I want to create from now on.

So if this resonates with anyone even in the smallest of ways. Shit, I guess we all go through it.

R Anguiano


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All Black in Spring

Contrary to popular belief that black is more of a fall/winter color, when done in the right fabric it can be quite comfortable and breezy. For spring black and white works very well. I love a classic black pencil skirt with a white blouse, the black pump, the LBD (little black dress), black trouser and now the little black romper! One of my absolute favorite things to wear is rompers because of how easy it is to throw on without having to pair. A romper can be very casual if done with sandals or more dressed up with a wedge or heel. I wore this romper for dinner at The Block of Orange and with the warm weather it was perfect.

For anyone who does want to go more casual a brown wedge like this one worn here could work if accessorized with a brown belt and a small crossbody bag :)

I have these Cathy Jean heels in black and in brown. I had mentioned in my two previous posts that they are super comfortable and so cute that I had to get both.

R Anguiano

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Pink Pleats and Chambray

I purchased this amazing blush pink skirt at H&M a few months ago. It was love at first sight when I tried it on and the midi-length and pleats created a soft romantic look. This blush color has always been a favorite of mine because it contrasts nicely against tan-colored skin. To my fellow morenas :) take note.

I wore this outfit to go out to dinner in the evening and knowing it’d get a little cold by the beach I paired it with a classic chambray shirt. Chambray is that denim-looking fabric that actually feels like linen. It is one of those timeless items that work well with pants, skirts, shorts, jeans…pretty much anything.

As I was trying different tops and shoes with the skirt I found that the blouses and stilettos were making it look much more dressed-up. The chambray top made it look more casual and effortless with a light tank underneath. It made it much easier and comfortable than looking for the right strapless bra.

 Since the top was more on the casual side I threw on my good ol’ Cathy Jean heels. The neutral brown of the heels really tied everything together and complemented the leopard print belt.

I will definitely be wearing this skirt again soon!

R Anguiano

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